How To Dispute Credit Card Fraud Charges On Your Credit Report
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How To Protect Your Credit Score & Accounts From Identity Theft in Arizona

If you are a victim of identity theft, you may be feeling discouraged and vulnerable. The most important thing you can do is take action. It won’t help to sulk about your misfortune. Start making the right phone calls and meet with credit lawyers in Arizona if you need help to get your finances back on track.

The biggest concern with identity theft is getting your money back if there are continual charges on your account or loans taken out in your name. But another factor is your credit report. How will this affect your credit score? Here’s what you need to do to ensure that your credit report stays free of fraudulent charges during this time.

A Credit Repair Lawyer Explaining How a Victim Of Identity Theft Can Dispute Credit Card Fraud Charges On His Credit Report in Arizona

Contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) & Credit Bureau

Along with contacting your bank and credit card company, you need to alert the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) as well to watch for and identify continuing fraudulent charges. There will be charges that have already been processed that you can dispute later on your credit report. But the quicker you can notify the credit bureau that fraudulent charges will be coming through, the better. When your account is flagged for identity theft, fixing all the false charges will be easier in the future.

Place Fraud Alerts & Freezes on All Credit Accounts & Alert Authorities

Stop the identity thief in their tracks by blocking all further charges. And report the identity theft to the police. Take all the steps necessary to eliminate fraudulent charges under your name and other damage to your credit score.

Dispute Fraudulent or Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Write dispute letters for each charge that is fraudulent on your credit report. Provide documentation of the initial phone call or correspondence in which you notified the credit bureau of your situation. And do not think that once you’ve blocked all transactions and disputed all charges that you are in the clear. Ongoing surveillance of your credit report and accounts will be necessary to be sure that the thief doesn’t use your information again once you’ve relaxed.

Writing several dispute letters for each charge can take a lot of time and attention to detail. Do not get discouraged. Continue with the repair and fight to right the wrongs that were made to your credit report. If you are overwhelmed, contact a credit repair lawyer in Scottsdale to help you through the process. Some victims of identity theft end up having to change their social security numbers and start all over again. The quicker you find out about the theft, the better the repair process will go.

Contact an Experienced Credit Repair Lawyer in Scottsdale

A great way to stay vigilant about your finances and protect yourself from identity theft is to check your credit report regularly. There are several services online that provide free annual credit reports. Our team specializes in credit repair, and we can take a look at your credit report and eliminate errors. We can help you repair your credit score after identity theft. Learn more by contacting Arizona Credit Lawyers for a free review of your credit report.



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