With identity thieves and underhanded merchants having access to your credit card account, people are always getting charged for things that they did not order or receive. Take heart, as the law is on your side.

If you have items on your credit card account,
we can help you get those items removed at no out of pocket charge to you.
We don’t take “No” from the banks or credit card companies for an answer

We often see a consumer trying to stand up for himself and inform the credit card company about a charge on his credit card statement that is not his. Sadly, we also see the credit card companies decline to remove the charge. They only what to get paid for what was charged to your account and they really don’t care who pays it….we care…. a lot.

Under the law, if a credit card company is timely notified about dispute to your credit card account, it has to investigate the dispute. It has to prove that you owe the debt. If it cannot prove that you owe it, you should not have to pay it. Many times, credit card companies do sloppy jobs with their investigations knowing that the consumer will get frustrated and pay the debt. If the consumer does not pay the debt, the credit card company will hit his credit report with negative reporting.

Those days are over. Let us get the incorrect charge removed from your credit card statement.

If you have an item on your credit card statement that is incorrect, notify us immediately. We may be able to get that items removed from your account permanently, but we must do it quickly. You only have 2 billing cycles to dispute something that is on your credit card account.

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