Our Arizona
Bankruptcy Program

Gives You The Financial Fresh Start That Other Bankruptcy Attorneys Do Not

When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, changes are they will file your bankruptcy, get you a discharge and then say good bye. Your credit report, which provides the basis for your credit score is of no concern to them. But It is to us.

When people file for bankruptcy, they face a large risk that their creditors report things in way that they should not and it holds their credit scores down for years. We fix that problem because both before and after we file your bankruptcy, we will review your credit report and make your creditors report things accurately that when we see that they are not. This is what you can call a true financial fresh start. After all, isn’t that why you filed for bankruptcy.

How Your Credit Report is preventing you from Getting Your Bankruptcy Fresh Start

Our Firm Is New To Bankruptcy,
But Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Not

Our Attorneys

Cy Hainey

Attorney, Bankruptcy Department Head | Licensed in Arizona only

Meet Attorney Cy T. Hainey. He is one of our associate attorneys and is in charge of our bankruptcy department. Cy has a wealth of bankruptcy information that he has gained from filing and managing bankruptcies for clients for the past years. Cy was a banker prior to law school. He knows what creditors look for and what can stop you from getting the credit you deserve.

Gary Hansz

Attorney | Licensed in Michigan only

Please meet Attorney Gary Hansz who has been with our firm as a litigator since 2020. Gary also has racked up several years of bankruptcy experience working on both consumer and commercial bankruptcies. He is not only an excellent litigator, but is also one of our bankruptcy gurus.

These highly skilled bankruptcy attorneys, working closely with our credit repair department will deliver you the best results in bankruptcy and a credit report that is clean of inaccurate information that could hold your credit score down illegally. With our Auto Pilot program, we will review your credit report every few months to make sure that it stays clean of debt collectors and creditors who may try to sneak items back on to your credit report that have been discharged in bankruptcy. We will also make sure that your mortgage company reports the payments you made during and after your bankruptcy to make sure that you get credit for each and every payment.

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