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Arizona Credit Lawyers

At Arizona Credit Lawyers, we fix people’s credit reports in a legal and trustworthy manner. Our experienced Scottsdale credit lawyers also fight abusive debt collectors. Our services are provided at no out of pocket charge to you because we make the bad guys pay.

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We know what it takes to win

Arizona Credit Lawyers will fix ERRORS AND MISTAKES on credit reports at no out of pocket charge to you. We make the Defendants pay your fees and costs and we deduct these from funds we collect from them. We are lawyers that sue Experian, Equifax, Trans Union and banks to take things off of your credit report that are in error.  The best part, we make them pay our fees and costs so it costs you nothing out of pocket for us to sue them to make your credit report accurate.

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Areas of Practice

Fix Credit Report Errors in Scottsdale AZ

Fix Credit Report

If you have errors or mistakes on your credit report then we can get those fixed for you quickly and at no out of pocket charge to you. Arizona Credit Lawyers have been repairing credit since 2008 and are one of the country’s Largest filer of lawsuits to repair credit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
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Fix Identity Theft

We know how to deal with identity theft and how to fix your credit when damaged by identity theft. Arizona Credit Lawyers will write the right dispute letters for you or file a lawsuit in order to fix your credit repaired. All this at no out of pocket charge to you.
Stop debt collector harassment Scottsdale AZ

Stop Debt Collectors

We deal with collectors and collections agencies when they violate your rights under the law. For years we have sued numerous bill collectors and collection agencies. Arizona Credit Lawyers will make them stop harassing you and pay you damages.

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Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Fix Damaged Credit Reports

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