Millions of consumers have issues with their credit scores in Arizona.How to protect your credit score. They reach such a crucial point for a variety of reasons. Some Arizona consumers fall victim to job loss and marital destruction while other consumers grapple with an unforeseen disability. Once a credit score reaches a certain point, bouncing back can be difficult for the consumer. Some consumers turn to credit repair companies to solve their problems. Credit repair companies are companies that promise to help get the consumer out of overwhelming debt. Unfortunately, some debtors ending up being in deeper trouble after dealing with a credit repair company than they were beforehand. The following are some of the dangers of credit repair companies:

Predatory Practices

Many so-called credit repair companies are out to take advantage of kindhearted consumers who want to rebuild their credit. Such companies ask prospective clients to pay for services before they help to repair a consumer’s credit. Other companies may take these fees and never lift a finger to provide services that can one day restore a person’s credit. Even worse, some credit repair companies claim that they will use the monthly payments to pay off debtors, and they never take steps to do such. Consumers then end up in worsened conditions, and they have difficulty trying to recover.

Making Promises They Cannot Keep

Many fraudulent credit repair companies make promises that they cannot possibly keep. An example of such a promise is that the company can remove credit items from a consumer’s credit profile despite the account’s legitimacy. That claim is utterly false. If the creditor can prove that the consumer did indeed have an account and did indeed owe the money, then the consumer is still responsible for settling the account.

Failure to Disclose Consumer Rights

Some credit repair companies fail to disclose a debtor’s rights. Be in the know about credit issues Such companies often omit information that prevents the consumers from making an informed decision. One right that a consumer always has is the right to dispute any item on his or her credit profile. The dispute of an item on one’s credit report does not cost one penny. The person will simply need to contact the credit bureau and initiate a dispute. Unfortunately, credit repair companies neglect to give trusting consumers this information, and they end up paying fees for services that do not require fees. A consumer’s best bet is to search for a legitimate credit lawyer instead of a credit repair company.

Why You Need a Legitimate Credit Lawyer

A credit lawyer is an attorney that helps a consumer to improve his or her credit score from a legal aspect. A credit lawyer will have legitimate credentials such as certification of law school. A credit lawyer will be well aware of the information in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A legitimate credit lawyer can help a consumer with a wide variety of restorative tasks. Such a person can help with and poorly merged data, as well. Every move that a credit lawyer makes will be a legal move. Credit repair is not something that a debtor should try to handle alone. The task requires professional assistance and Arizona Credit Lawyers can provide that. Contact us today to learn more.

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